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The Prospector

the prospector
200 Watts of Solar
  • Helicopter Ready Kit
  • Lightweight
  • Plug 'n Play

The Cricket

the cricket
4kW System
  • Solar and Wind
  • Solar Heating Optional
  • Single Axle Trailer

The Commander

the commander
8 kW System
  • Solar and Wind
  • Single or 3 Phase
  • Dual Axle Trailer

Power2Go - Portable Power Generation

Power anywhere anytime even in multiple remote locations

  • Provides Electricity - Anywhere - Anytime
  • Saves Thousands of Dollars in Generator Fuel
  • Saves Downtime $$ on Job Sites
  • Free Heat from Sunrise to Sunset
  • Reserve Power Storage
  • Wind, Hail, and Impact Resistant
  • Basic Kit can be turned into a Deluxe Kit
  • Do-It-Yourself - All Plug n' Play


Power2Go Energy Management System uses Solar PV panels, wind turbines and batteries to stretch every gallon of fuel.

Power2Go will provide your electrical needs from the smallest exploration camps flown in by helicopter to full mining operations including construction and production.

features include Plug and play components for quick onsite installations

features include Energy Management System A size for every site ~ Field Exploration, Mining, Logging, Fly-In

features include Fully Operational From start-up to fully operational whether small or large ventures

features include Fully Operational Reduce 30% to 90% of a site’s typical fuel and energy consumption

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Portable Power GenerationPower anywhere anytime even in multiple remote locations