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features include plug-n-play components for fly-in camps.

features include plug-n-play for quick on-site installations.

features include modular - add or reduce power as needed.

features include it’s quiet ... until the generator needs to kick in.

features include container used as:  office, storage or lunchroom  AND Self-Powered! 

features include a renewable energy source requiring virtually no maintenance! 

features include Save up to 90% on Fuel & Delivery Costs

Pure Sine Wave

features include “Drop ‘N Go” or “ Plug ‘N Play”  makes it easy and reliable

features include A Custom Size for Every Site

features include From Start-Up to Fully Operational (Small to Large Ventures)

features include Picks up the pace on development

features include Single Phase or 3 Phase

features include All equipment available in 50 Hz or 60 Hz

features include Immediate ROI

features include Save “$” from the minute you turn it on…

features include Harness the Power of the WIND & SUN

features include Reduce 30% to 90% of a site’s typical fuel consumption

Customer Services

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